Bill Symons THENBill Symons NOW

Bill Symons 1967-1973

1968-First Argo to rush for +1,000 yds (1,107), First Argo to win CFL MOP

1997- Inducted into CFHOF

2015- Inducted in Ontario Sports Hall of Fame

Where are you currently living? -  Hockley Valley

What are you up to these days? -  Working on my farm.

Favourite memory during your playing days. - Beating the Hamilton Ti-Cats in a playoff game.

Who were your closest friends on the team? - Peter Martin, Bobby Taylor, Tom Wilkinson

If you were to do it all again, what, if anything would you change? - Win a Grey Cup!

Best/favourite head coach. - Vince Lombardi-Green Bay

In your playing days, who did you hate to go up against? - Greg Fenley-BC

Once you retired, what was the one thing you enjoyed doing most that you couldn’t do when playing? - Bale hay and enjoy the summer

What message do you have for Argos fans? - Come out and support the team! The CFL is a great game!