Bob Bronk THENBob Bronk NOW

Bob Bronk-FB 1982-1986

Where are you currently living? - Toronto

What are you up to these days? - I’m currently the Executive Director of the Ontario Industrial & Finishing Skills Centre. We train construction apprentices at 3 campuses.

Favourite memory during your playing days. - Playing against CFL MVP James (Quick) Parker during my rookie year in the 1992 Grey Cup and not allowing him any sacks.

Who were your closest friends on the team? - Lester Brown, John Malinosky, Franklin King

What could you do during your playing days that players can’t do now? - As a fullback, I was frequently assigned to block a DE one on one. Now, the linemen are so much bigger, it would not be possible.

If you were to do it all again, what, if anything would you change? - I would have savoured the experience more.

Best/favourite head coach. Why? - Bob O’Billovich-Great evaluator of talent and Mouse Davis-Amazing new offence “Run & Shoot”

In your playing days, who did you hate to go up against? Why? - Aaron Brown-LB-Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He was strong, quick, smart and hard to block.

Once you retired, what was the one thing you enjoyed doing most that you couldn’t do when playing? - Going to the beach in the summer.

What message do you have for Argos fans? - Argo fans are great, loyal and very knowledgeable.